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We are a network of legal professionals offering legal advice and translation services to non-Italian businesses and individuals in Italy.

A gateway to legal services in Italy

It all comes down to the question: what kind of service would a non-Italian in Italy find helpful when approaching the Italian legal system? We try to answer this question by offering quick access to the vast and diverse Italian market of legal services.
We know it can be a bit overwhelming to find your bearings among the principles and institutions of the Italian law: we walk the client through it, providing a step by step assistance and the most suitable legal professional for each given case.

We share a flexible structure so to meet our clients' demand efficiently; we strive to deliver a professional yet cost-effective service.
We keep our structure as light and smart as possible, so to make our services accessible, our working method functional and sustainable.
We all share the passion for our work and team play; we are driven by the love for what we do, we believe in innovation.

Giustizia - Raffaello


Legal Services in Italy

We help foreign businesses and individuals navigating the tricky (let's face it..) Italian law: we provide legal advice to non-Italian clients in Italy.

For a non-national citizen, Italian law can be indeed challenging, considering the level of complexity of the Italian legal system and the language barrier.
Another difficulty may be to find a qualified professional experienced in the particular branch of law involved.
Our mission is to facilitate the first contact with the Italian legal system: starting with a preliminary assessment of each case, we find the most suitable tools, professional skills and procedures to get the job done.

That's what we do: we help the client to deal with the Italian legal system; whether for counseling on Italian legislation or legal assistance in court, we meet the client's demand by providing an Italian lawyer specialized in the most relevant field of law for the particular case.
A lawyer-linguist makes sure the client is informed and updated on every aspect of the case, so not to miss those details that do matter in law and that easily get lost in translation.

Legal Advice

Our lawyers provide legal advice to foreign businesses and individuals in Italy.
The services go from advice on subjects concerning Italian Law to legal assistance in court.
The cases are assigned to Italian lawyers experienced in the branch of law involved.


The lawyer-linguists joining the network are fully qualified to translate those documents whose technical background makes them challenging to render into a different legal system.
The knowledge and experience of the legal framework the documents belong to is essential for an accurate translation.

Tax law

Our tax consultants and tax law specialists will take care of any tax-related issue your business might have dealing with the Italian fiscal authorities.
We also give advice on single technical issues as well as qualified legal counsel in occasion of tax litigation.


Our work with documents goes beyond translation: the legal nature of a text might require some additional analysis, a technical assessment or study of the legislation involved and the related framework. We also draft, review and proofread contracts and letters.

Our method

A network of experts in Italian law

We are an open network of legal professionals.

We work as an open network: we don't have a fixed line-up: we set up teams considering the mission to accomplish, its technical aspects, professional experience and skills required.
This open and variable structure allows us to gather the most suitable set of skills for each case, drawing from the vast array of expertise available on the Italian market of legal professions.

We care about the communication with the client: we understand how important it is for anyone involved in a proceeding abroad to overcome obstacles such as technicalities and language gap.
Therefore, an Italian lawyer-linguist makes sure the client is always informed and aware of the procedures as they progress.

Info && News

A new on-line platform is currently under construction.
It will be the digital backbone of the network, offering its members the ability to directly engage with clients and other law professionals from around the world.
Stay Tuned!


Hi, I'm Vincenzo.
I am a lawyer-linguist, a tech enthusiast, and an Open Source/ Free Software advocate.
A diverse working experience has blessed me, both in the IT and in the legal field.
After years of study, work and experience, I try to address some of the issues I witnessed in the legal field, either directly or through my daily interactions with attorneys and legal professionals in general.
LawyerLinguist.it is my attempt to bring some innovation in the Italian market of legal professions: that's a shared experiment, as it's open to the contribution of every lawyer who shares the principles of openness and innovation.

On #LegalTech
It has been essential to my path to find out about the Legal-Tech movement and its thrilling community.
It has been enlightening to see that my mission resonated with so many "law geeks" worldwide. As Legal-Tech grows and gains momentum, offering new opportunities for the legal field, LawyerLinguist.it also wants to build a community of lawyers ready to take on the new challenges, and join the movement.
For making all of this possible, an online platform is currently under construction and it will be released soon. Stay tuned!

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